Random Musings about Alfred Malone

Is it the 1920s? I think Alfred Malone's name is better suited for that decade than the year 2009. I can picture an Alfred Malone in a speakeasy, leaning up against a mahogany bar, smoking a cigar, and sipping scotch. He'd hang out with people who look a little something like this:

(L-R) Charlie Peterson-banker, R.J. Wilkins-newspaper editor, Alfred Malone-lawyer, and James Hackensack-financier. Yes I just invented these descriptions. They felt right.

Instead, Alfred Malone is a Green Bay Packers defensive end who looks a little something like this:

I like to refer to him as Big Al. Maybe he looks so angry because he'd rather grow up in the 1920s.

Or maybe he just looks mad because he doesn't like when people speculate about his name.

That' s my cue. Peace out.


  1. i didnt know where you were going with this and then all of a sudden its a big football player dude that you are referring to. that is hilarious.


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