Keeping the faith with Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings' dad is a pastor and his mom is a church secretary. Greg Jennings lists going to church as one of his favorite past-times and he attends regularly with his wife and children. Though it seems like a weird place to have a celebrity sighting, you never know which Green Bay Packers player could be sitting the pew behind you. Just another reason to go to church, right? At least you can make it home in time for a noon kickoff.


  1. Greg Jennings had a great game on Sunday - God must be smiling and God is for sure a Packer fan!

  2. OK. So I am a ridiculously avid Minnesota Vikings fan. I love it when the Vikes beat the Packers (true confession). That said, I am infinitely MORE appreciative of what I see in Greg's demeanor and example as a follower of Christ. The color of the jersey is not even close to being the issue! Thanks Greg for walking the walk as a believer in Christ. AWESOME!
    Now Greg, if we can just get you to do what Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell and most notably your receiving duet partner Brett Favre did - and upgrade to the Vikings... We DO need a great receiver! Bless you!


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