Let's see some enthusiasm, Pat Lee

That's better.

Pat Lee may be young, may not have seen much play time his rookie year, may be somewhat in the middle of the pack at this point in his career, but something about his dynamic energy has really caught my attention.

Look at that face!

As a true Green Bay Packers fan, I know that we need players who capture our hearts and spirits. After all, what's a team without the individuals? And what's Lambeau Field without exciting players? Nothing, that's what. Some NFL stars seem to forget that they're paid so much to be great for the fans. Without fans, football wouldn't exist on the scale it does today. Green Bay Packers tickets would be free. The energy would be sucked out of Lambeau Field. But players on the Packers roster like Pat Lee really bring vitality to the hearts of cheeseheads across Wisconsin so it's great to see them loving what they do when they hit the field each game. Go Packers!


  1. I feel like he would have great spirit fingers


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