DJ Williams surprising musical taste

It's not too often that the NFL stars surprise me with their musical choices.  Nine times out of ten, it's either rap or rock as their preferred style.  But reading through DJ Williams Green Bay Packers official profile actually made me stop and re-read a few times.  Because, whoa guys, DJ Williams is not ashamed to hide one of his favorite musical artists of all time.  And here she is...none other than Celine Dion!

Just as shocked as I am.
DJ Williams must really enjoy her top hits from Titanic of course or "All By Myself."  Classic.  But what does he listen to before stepping on the gridiron?  She does have some zesty tunes in addition to her ballads.  Perhaps it's something like "River Deep, Mountain High" or the passionate and inspiring "It's All Coming Back to Me Now."  That one is intense.

So there you have it.  DJ Williams is a Celine Dion lover.  Wonder if he shares his iPod with the other guys on the team...


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