Clay Matthews on Twitter

Gotta love living in 2013 (yes, it's a new year folks!).  The access we have to our favorite Green Bay Packers players is like never before.  Instead of waiting until game day to catch a glimpse of the green and gold giants on Lambeau Field, we can interact with them nearly 24/7 by checking out their web pages and tweets.

Clay Matthews has embraced the Twitter machine.  Here's the link to his profile: https://twitter.com/ClayMatthews52

I love his description on the page: "I'm just an average American... with extraordinary hair!!"

The guy has over 460,000 followers and has amassed a collection of nearly 3,000 tweets.  Plenty to dig in and spend the next few hours reading through.

Thanks, Clay Matthews' Twitter account, for helping me avoid doing anything productive this weekend.  Carry on!

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