Twittering with Will Blackmon

Twitter is yet another way that celebrities and pro-athletes have been able to reach out to their fans and provide intimate access to their lives and thoughts than ever before. Will Blackmon is no exception!

Will Blackmon
I've been a follower of Will on his Twitter account and have compiled my top favorite Will Blackmon Tweets. In no particular order, here they are:

When is disneyland going to spend a ton of money on a sweet new ride?
(My thoughts exactly.)

I just want to thank my dad today for not pushing me to be a football player, and just letting me be a kid and choose my own positive path..
(A sweet father's day tweet)

get ur but (sic) to yoga! I'm getting breakfast with Tramon. Ttyl. Love you :)
(Message to his lovely wife, Shauna Danielle)

In feb 2011 diddy and the celebs are gonna all of a sudden be lifetime packer fans... Man get outta hea!
(Bonus points for confidence. Let's go all the way this season, Green Bay!)

Will Blackmon and his wife both have myspace pages as well. Their wedding pictures are stunning! How did we ever live without this kind of technology?


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  1. those posts are fairly entertaining, but i doubt i would want regular updates. only so much green in yellow i can handle.


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