Laffy Taffy Jokes with Atari Bigby

After my most recent post involving the ups and downs of Brandon Underwood, I decided to keep it light and fun today because...

a. It's Friday!
b. The Green Bay Packers play tomorrow!

I happen to have a jar of Laffy Taffy on the counter here, so I've been enjoying both the candy and the ridiculous jokes all morning. And I got to thinking...which Green Bay Packer would be most into Laffy Taffy jokes? Well, I've selected Atari Bigby almost entirely on the basis of this picture:

Atari BigbyThe guy looks like he revels in tomfoolery!

So, here we go...

Hey, Atari! What's at the bottom of the ocean and shakes?

Atari BigbyA nervous wreck!

Let's try another, Bigby. What is an owl's favorite subject?

Atari BigbyWell, my friend, the answer is owlgebra. Yes, that was owlgebra. (Thanks for the lame joke, Whitney from New York. Geez.)

And for our third and final round, we're turning to my favorite flavor: strawberry!

Here it is.

What did the leaf say to the wind?

Atari Bigby
I admire your practicality, my friend.

But in this case the answer is: "Leaf me alone."

Atari BigbyI'm glad you enjoyed it. Now make us proud tomorrow, AB! Good luck versus the Seattle Seahawks!


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