Charles Woodson the oenophile.

Don't worry, folks. I'm not accusing Charles Woodson of any sort of crime though "oenophile" sounds rather shady. Instead, the term refers to someone who is devoted to the consumption and appreciation of wine. I guess most of my friends could be considered oenophiles, too. Is there any comparable term for a devotee of Jack Daniels?! Ha!

While you ponder that question, here's a photo of our pal Charles Woodson with a glass of his wine.

That's right--Woodson developed a signature wine line called "Twentyfour by Charles Woodson." He's even started leasing land near Napa to harvest and produce the wine.

However, he's walking a fine line between advertising and not because the NFL rules against stars promoting alcoholic beverages. I have to say I like that policy. I'd hate to see Randy Moss sporting a shot glass and some rum all over the advertising section of my favorite magazines or Jared Allen chugging a beer on a billboard. At least Charles Woodson brings some class and education to this field.

I wonder if he broke out the wind recently to celebrate the birth of his first son, Charles Jr. I think a good white wine would be a sweet and light way to celebrate little Chucky's arrival!

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