Give me a "B" for Brandon Jackson!

So it's been years since I donned a cheerleading outfit for high school football games, but I can't help but think about slipping into the old routines and chants when I write about the Green Bay Packers. I'll cheer for Green Bay Packers running back Brandon Johnson any day.

This guy is a quiet but reliable force on Lambeau Field and is making a big name for himself even after just a couple years on the team. I have a soft spot in my heart for Brandon Jackson, too, since his dad passed away when Brandon was just 10. And that was after his dad was paralyzed for four previous years due to a car accident. Brandon Jackson had to overcome that big hurdle but it seems he's found his way.

If I cheered for a "B", then that would cover his whole family. Brandon is married to Brandy Bolden and they have two children--Brandon and Braylyn. Let's not look too closely at the math here (Brandon Junior is 6 and Brandon Sr. is just 23), and the family lives in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

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  1. As a fellow B I would have to say that I'll cheer for Brandon any day... and the math is no big issue with me, I'm terrible at algebra!


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