Brady Poppinga's on a mission

Brady Poppinga, Green Bay Packers outside linebacker, may be a hard hitter on Lambeau Field but he's equally a hard-hitter (if that makes sense) in his church community. Brady Poppinga's Mormon faith is a central part of his life, so much so that he even stepped away from family, friends, and football (how's that for alliteration?!) for a two year stint of mission work in Uraguay.

To date, Brady Pop (sounds like a new brand of music or a sweet, bubbly soda!) says that those two years were the most defining part of his life. He became fluent in Spanish and was inspired to continue helping others in need once he readjusted to life in America.

His mission today is to assist the Green Bay Packers to victory and I couldn't be more supportive! After all, I do snatch up my Green Bay Packers tickets and head off to every home game and some away ones as the budget allows. In his spare time, Brady Poppinga lives with his wife and two little ones and, of course, spends lots of time at church. Maybe we'll have a celebrity sighting with this guy sometime soon. Stay tuned!

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