Mason Crosby and a Grouper

I'm sure Green Bay Packers placekicker Mason Crosby has plenty of groupies but it's a grouper that he recently caught which has provided him with one major fish story! Check out this 35" fish!
Though this isn't the exact grouper Mason Crosby pulled from the sea's depths, it is the length and weight of Crosby's catch.

Now, get this. He didn't even use a fishing rod and reel. He caught this sucker while spearfishing!

I'm trying to picture Mason Crosby with a spear in hand, wading in warm ocean water.

I'm thinking it would look something like this pose, minus the helmet and jersey from Mason Crosby's undergrad days at Colorado. Very celebratory. Very primal.

If you'd like to see a more accurate staging of Mason Crosby fishing, he'd be glad to oblige. He likes to take part in a Green Bay Packers cruise every winter that takes the players and lucky fans from Lambeau Field down to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Montego Bay. I would love this opportunity! Do you know anyone who has actually gone on this dream vacation? And has anyone caught a grouper?!

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