Brady Poppinga's little Julius Maxiumus

Sometimes when you go to watch a movie, you just don't know what's going to happen. Will you hate it and want to walk out? Will you be enraptured by the graphics and action? Will your favorite actress do a stellar job?

Or will you become such a huge fan of the movie that you name your first son after its main character?

Well, this last scenario happened to our Green Bay Packers linebacker, Brady Poppinga. He absolutely loves movies like Gladiator and 300--burly men challenged to keep physically and morally strong in the face of adversity. Sounds like his own adventures on a mission trip pre-NFL days!

He loved Gladiator so much that he convinced his wife, Brooke, to let the couple name their son Julius Maximus after Russell Crowe's character. Now that's crazy!

Julius Maximus
"Are you not entertained?"

Just makes me wonder if his daughter Jasmine was named for perhaps another of Brady Poppinga's favorite movies:

You never know.

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