Frank Zombo's Game Face

As a top notch football player, you really need to make some key decisions for your image, career, and finances.

Things like....

Who will be my agent?

Should I leave my team?

Where should I live during the off-season?

And, most importantly: What will my photographed game face be?

The game face photo will be published in handouts at your college game. It will be broadcast on national TV during games. It will be displayed for the world to see on your pro team website.

It's huge.

Some prefer a friendly smile; others look mean. I'm thinking newcomer Frank Zombo is still developing his. Here are a few past examples.

Frank ZomboExhibit A: Trying to be tough. Eyes say intensity; lips say I'm about to smile!

Frank ZomboExhibit B: Neutral face. I don't think he's even aware his photo is being taken.

Frank ZomboExhibit C: Shadow of a smile. Or grimace.

My personal take is that Frank Zombo should just give us a grin. The neutral face looks like a smirk. The tough face looks silly. Maybe he's just a big happy guy deep down. Let it shine!

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