Brett Goode makes you feel great!

How does our Green Bay Packer pal, Brett Goode, pronounce his last name?





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If you answered "a" then you are correct, sir! Or ma'am. Don't want to stereotype my fan base, here.

Indeed, Brett Goode's unique last name and unusual phonetic pronunciation can be traced to Irish or English origins. In fact, for just $19.95 you could order Brett Goode a copy of his surname emblazoned on a family crest and published onto stationary, T-shirts, and other miscellaneous products he probably doesn't need. (No offense, companies-who-create-these-trinkets.)

My favorite story about Brett Goode, though, is not related to his name. It's more closely connected with stifling heat and concrete.

Stay with me here.

In 2008, poor Brett went undrafted by any NFL team and resigned himself to facing the upcoming season without a pro career. On one hot summer day, however, everything changed. Ninety-three degree heat. Brett in work clothes. Pouring a concrete driveway. Focused on everything but football. Phone call. Packers. Summer camp invite. The rest is history. (Did those staccato sentences help capture the drama, interwebs?)

Brett Goode Headshot"No more concrete for me, you bet."

So there you have it. A pronunciation guide and a concrete story. What more could you ask for from the Green Bay Packers Brett Goode?

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