The Curious Case of Chris Bryan

I've got to be honest. I burst out laughing the first time I saw the Green Bay Packer's press release photo of their newest recruit, punter Chris Bryan.

What's your reaction?

Chris Bryan headshotFootball athlete in that get up? Really? Really????

Come to discover that Chris Bryan has a really interesting athletic past. Since 2005, he has been competing in the Australian Football League which is a sport centering on two teams of 18 each who play on a large oval shaped grass fields. Here's a promo video for "footy" so you can get the full experience.

Two thoughts about this video:

1. Ouch.
2. Is this rugby?

Well, Chris Bryan was a relatively late recruit for footy at the age of 22. After spending many seasons overseas, he is now ready to play American style football. Now that I've seen that youtube video, I'm sure Chris Bryan will appreciate a break from full-contact-no-padding sport. He is slated to be a Green Bay Packers punter and is starting here at the ripe old age of 28. We'll see how his Australian Football skills translate to Lambeau Field when the season kicks (get it? kicks??????? wheeeeee!!!) off this fall!

Chris Bryan kickingBallet or footy? Your call.

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