Jason Spitz

Jason Spitz is a well rounded offensive guard for the Green Bay Packers. Spitz has been playing for the Packers since he was drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft right off his University of Louisville football team. With Louisville Jason earned first-team All-Big East and started every game during his four year career, which gained him huge recognition from the NFL community. As a Packers football player, Jason Spitz is one of the most consistent and versatile players on the offense. Besides a few injuries, Spitz is going strong in Green Bay and is ready to bring all he’s got this next season. When he isn’t playing football or golfing as a hobby, Jason Spitz is heavily involved in the community. From building a new playground for an elementary school to ringing bells for the Salvation Army during the Red Kettle campaign, Spitz tries to give back as much as he can.

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  1. we're ready to keep spitz for a looonng time. Go PACKERS!


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