Daryn Colledge

Daryn Colledge has had an interesting football career, making his way from his North Pole High in Alaska to Boise State and now to Green Bay to play with the Packers. Colledge is an outstanding athlete, who had also found major success in baseball and track.

With Boise State, Colledge helped his team rack up a four-year overall record of 45-7 and a 31-1 conference record. With Daryn Colledge’s help, Boise State made their mark on four straight WAC championships. With the Packers football team, Colledge has found his niche. Colledge has been with the Green Bay Packers for four seasons now, starting 44 of his 48 games over the first three seasons as left guard. So far, Daryn holds fifth place for the least amount of sacks in the NFL. The Packers have been very fond of Colledge on their team and hope to keep him for years to come.

When not playing football, Colledge is heavily committed to his community service and hopes to eventually land a career in television after his football career ends. Daryn has also hosts “The Colledge Experience” on packers.com, where he interviewed his fellow Packers teammates.

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  1. did you know he lived on Santa Clause Lane? no joke!


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