Green Bay Packers Special Teams: Why Are They So Bad?

The Green Bay Packers Special Teams was ranked 32nd. This is the third time in five years that the Packer Special Teams has been ranked last in the league! I was not very happy after reading this news and was trying to figure out where the blame should be placed. Is it the punting by Jeremy Kapinos who tied for 32nd place in net average? Is it the Kicking by Mason Crosby who had his worst year in field-goal accuracy and only made 27 of 36 kicks? Was it because of the bad kick coverage and being ranked 31st in punt-return coverage? Was it because of the 32 penalties the Packers Special Teams received through out the season? Was it because first-year special teams coach Shawn Slocum didn’t do his job? Or, was a combination of all of these things? Whatever it is we have to fix it and fix it fast other wise we will never get the chance to go back to the Super Bowl! Let me know what you think about the Green Bay Packers Special Teams!

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