Jordy Nelson Day!

It may be August, but flip the calendar ahead to 2013 and get ready to party on February 17th.  According to Kansas Governor Sam Brownbac, February 17th will henceforth be better known as the official Jordy Nelson Day statewide!  Yee-haw!

This got the ol' wheels turning about how to celebrate Jordy Nelson Day in my own life.  Here are a few options.

1.  Peruse the internet for Jordy Nelson video clips.  There are plenty!

2.  Look like your idol: shave your head!

Working the close crop....and the mikes.
3.  Travel to Kansas and visit Jordy Nelson's birthplace in Manhattan, Kansas.  A true Green Bay Packers pilgrimage!

I'll probably stick with option one on February 17th.  How about you--any other creative ways to celebrate this memorable event?

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  1. I LOVE Jordy Nelson! I'll probably wear his jersey that whole week.
    ~ Kris


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