Jerron McMillian's Happy Side

One thing I've noticed about NFL players over the years is that they take themselves pretty seriously.  Game day is a time for serious expressions and some trash talking.  Officials get an earful if they make a controversial call for the other team and coaches especially like to get good and angry on a weekly basis.  

The truth, though, is that these guys need to realize two things:

1.  They're playing a game.  A GAME!
2.  They made it to the NFL.  Let's see some happiness! 

A spot on the Green Bay Packers roster is the stuff of dreams for many guys across the country.  These men are living the dream.  Therefore, I always smile when I see pictures of Jerron McMilian looking like he's having an absolute blast on the field.  Case in point:

He gets paid to work out and compete a few months a year.  It's amazing and Jerron McMillian seems to appreciate his well-deserved success.  Maybe this season we'll see some more smiles out there on Lambeau Field; in the meantime we have Jerron McMillian!

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