Jordy Nelson's Buzz

Jordy Nelson has the Midwestern good guy charm and matching blond hair, blue eyed looks.  But what about that buzz cut?

It's definitely practical for sweeping the Green Bay Packers helmet off and on, but c'mon.  I think Jordy could stand for a new style sometime in the next couple Packers seasons.  I've found a few options below.

No radical changes here.  Just a little length to the top, spiking it up for some height, and maintaining the short buzzed sides that Jordy Nelson seems to favor.  

What do you think about these choices?  Should he go all out and grow it long instead?


Donald Driver's GMA appearance

I can't get enough Donald Driver so videos like this help get my #80 fix.  Here he is on GMA, hosting a report for Good Morning America.  Best part?  He's shirtless.  Second best part?  You see his beautiful family.  His baby girl is especially adorable!

Check it out and enjoy!


Packers @ Minnesota

Gosh, here we are closing out 2012 with one final Midwest match-up!  This Sunday--December 30--the Green Bay Packers are taking on the Minnesota Vikings.  Since half my family is from the twin cities, I'll be there and you can bet I'll be joined by a huge group of Green Bay Packers cheeseheads.  Represent!

If you are in Minneapolis, too, or looking for a way to close out 2012 with some great NFL football, check out the remaining inventory of Green Bay Packers tickets here.

I'm feeling a little bummed the season is winding down but would love to see this regular season close out with a win.  Go, Pack, go!


Merry Christmas, Aaron Rodgers!

It's Christmas!  Merry Christmas, to all you celebrate-rs out there, and Season's Greetings if you don't.  My gift came last night: a new Aaron Rodgers jersey.  Lucky, lucky.  I'll be wearing it for the final regular season game this Sunday.  So excited!

Thinking of Aaron Rodgers got me wondering what sort of Christmas list he'd come up with...a guy who has anything/everything he could possibly want.  Here's a few ideas.

1.  A Superbowl win.  So deserved!

2.  A nice long vacation/spa after the Superbowl is won.  His body has taken a beating over this season.

3.  Some signed memorabilia from the athletes he most respects.

What do you think?  Feel free to add your ideas of Aaron Rodgers wishlists to the comments!


Andrew Datko's high school sports

Like many of his NFL peers, Andrew Datko made a name for himself by playing high school football.  On his hometown team (St. Thomas Aquinas High in Lauderdale, Florida), Andrew Datko was fortunate to compete in state all four years.  Fun times!

In addition to football, Andrew Datko was a basketball player who notched two varsity letters during his high school career.  And like many of the big dudes on the Green Bay Packers team, Andrew Datko joined track and field where he whipped the discus and tossed the shot put.

Oh, to go back to those carefree days of high school classes, working out with buds after school, and gunning for the state championship.  Though, living the dream on the Green Bay Packers probably suits Andrew Datko just fine...


Green Bay versus Tennessee

It's almost Christmas but my holiday colors are focused not on green and red, but green and gold!  In a pre-Christmas Eve treat, the Tennessee Titans make the trip up to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers.  This should be a solid match-up that takes us out of playing against midwest teams for a spell.

If you're in town on an early holiday, this couldn't be a better holiday gift to yourself or your family and friends.  Bring the whole slew of relatives for a very merry Packers game!

Go, Pack, go!


Josh Sitton is a beast

This guy is pure, raw power.  He stands at 6'3" and weighs in around 315 pounds.  He's a tank and his strong record backs up his physical presence.  The NFL alumni group even named the guy Number One offensive lineman of the year back in 2010...and for good reason.

Would you like this force coming at you in full pads?

Me neither.


Green Bay Packers @ Chicago

The Chicago Bears are ready and waiting for Green Bay to arrive, but they'll leave the game disappointed.  Our team heads down for their third of five Sunday December match-ups and I'm loving this schedule!  The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have an excellent rivalry, as everyone knows, and another win for the green and gold couldn't make me happier.  Make sure to tune in this Sunday as I predict a 14-28 big old win for our favorite NFL team.

Go, Pack, go!


Jermichael Finley's Abs

Something I've noticed about Jermichael Finley over the years is that he is not shy about showing off his abs.  Well, haven't you noticed this, too?

Exhibit One:

Exhibit Two:

He seems to follow the motto of--If you've got it, flaunt it!  And I'm sure most of the female contingency of the Green Bay Packers would agree with that idea.


TJ Lang comfy in Michigan

TJ Lang is a fixture on Lambeau Field during the season, but what you may not know is that during the rest of the year, he makes his home in a Michigan city called Novi.  Seem friendly enough:

Novi, Michigan is home to 55,000 other people besides TJ Lang.  It has a sister city in Japan and Novi was incorporated as recently as 1969.  If you'd like to travel from Green Bay to Novi, you can expect it to take 8 hours and 3 minutes.  And that calls for taking a ferry straight across Lake Michigan!

Wonder if TJ Lang ever comes by ferry for the Packers games?  Something tells me the answer is no....


Green Bay Packers versus Detroit Lions

Rawr!  The Detroit Lions are comin' to town and we'll tame their roars into little meows by the time they leave Lambeau Field!!!  How's that for a pep talk?

We're here for a second time this month and it's a great way to catch your favorite football team in person.  December cold is no match for the heat the Green Bay Packers bring on field.  See ya at the game!

Go, Pack, go!


Aaron Rodgers' Legacy

This site is just for fun and entertainment about the Green Bay Packers because oh! I love them so!  But from time to time, I sit back and look at the hard facts and marvel at just how good this team really is.  And, of course, on the top of that "wow they're good" list is one of the best quarterbacks of all time: Aaron Rodgers.

When reading through his stats yet again, I realized just how much of a stand-out he's become.  Take a look at a few of the many Aaron Rodgers highlights.

-  He went without an interception in 35 out of 62 regular season starts, with a 41-21 w-l record.

-  From 2008-2011, he had 17,037 passing yards...top in league record books.

-  New NFL record from 2011: 122.5 passer rating.

-  Top in Green Bay Packers history with 45 touchdown passes and 68.3% completion rate.

And I saved the best for last:

- He is NUMBER ONE in all of the NFL today and of years past in career passer rating.

So glad Aaron Rodgers is on OUR team!


AJ Hawk's Hair Donation

Up until this season, AJ Hawk's hair has been the most eye catching thing about his style.  The long hair was in memory of the late NFL player Pat Tillman, a U.S. Army member who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan back in 2005.  Many people thought this was a great way to honor Pat Tillman and make his presence a reminder on and off-field in the ensuing years.

But in spring 2012, AJ Hawk went ahead and got his hair cut.  Again, his locks represented a worthy cause.  He donated his hair to the charity Wigs for Kids.  This program makes hair pieces for kids recovering from chemotherapy.

Here's AJ Hawk in his short haired look these days:

His hair plans may be done for now, but they've showed much about his character over the years.