Merry Christmas, Aaron Rodgers!

It's Christmas!  Merry Christmas, to all you celebrate-rs out there, and Season's Greetings if you don't.  My gift came last night: a new Aaron Rodgers jersey.  Lucky, lucky.  I'll be wearing it for the final regular season game this Sunday.  So excited!

Thinking of Aaron Rodgers got me wondering what sort of Christmas list he'd come up with...a guy who has anything/everything he could possibly want.  Here's a few ideas.

1.  A Superbowl win.  So deserved!

2.  A nice long vacation/spa after the Superbowl is won.  His body has taken a beating over this season.

3.  Some signed memorabilia from the athletes he most respects.

What do you think?  Feel free to add your ideas of Aaron Rodgers wishlists to the comments!

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