AJ Hawks' Style

AJ Hawk works out a lot. And this guy has plenty of athletic gear to get him through even the most grueling training session. He also needs to dress it up from time to time and keeps a few suits on hand to keep things fresh. Here are a few of his get-ups from past events just so you can get a good sense of his style.

AJ HawkHere we have the Hawk-meister in a red and white shirt. Looks like it's made of a sweat-whisking fabric like Coolmaster or Fieldsensor. I'm digging the red elbow bands. Good color co-ordination continues through the use of a white, backwards baseball cap. Hot stuff.

AJ HawkI'm seeing the backward cap trend continuing here. This photo was taken in AJ Hawk's bedroom so he apparently dressed down for the event. Flannel shirts are coming back in style in a major way, so he's ahead of the curve here...or retro...since this picture was taken a few years back.

AJ HawkLast but not least is AJ Hawk dressed up. I really like the silk detail on his coat and the equally silky red tie. Very sharp and classic.

So there you have it. The many sides of AJ Hawk. I think he looks more comfortable dressed down, especially with that long hair and a backwards baseball cap!

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