Tom Crabtree's Image

So Tom Crabtree is new to the squad this season. Forget his football skills, though. Let's talk looks!

I have a few pictures of Tom with a couple different hairdos that radically change his persona.

Tom CrabtreeHere we go with Tom clean-cut, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. He looks like your run of the mill college kid who is about to enter his first internship. Eager. Ambitious. Excited. Wearing his first real suit. Close shaven and tidy. Probably logs lots of hours in front of the Xbox and has friends name Brian, Andy, and Pat.

Just a guess.

Now take a look at the slightly older version of Tom Crabtree.

Tom CrabtreeThis kid has seen some hard times. Anger management issues. Sticks with black Jnco jeans (the wider the better), concert tees for ICP and Tool, and likes to take a drag on a cig now and then with his friends, who are named Dusty, Jared, and Todd.

Which version is most like the true Tom Crabtree? Will he radically transform yet again as his pro career advances?

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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