Aaron Rodgers vs. Alex Rodriguez

Yep folks, it's that time of year. A-Rod vs. A-Rod. There is nothing like it and it times to figure out who is hotter. Let's start with some pictures.

Here's what really gets me going besides the perfect body, the body language. Rodgers is a stud and he knows it, just look at all that swagger it's unbelievable.

Thank goodness I'm wearing a diaper because Alex Rodriguez is a s-t-u-d. My oh my is he a hottie. He's got the eye of the tiger and the body to go with it. Look at those arms and those eyes. Damn. And the winner is....

Oh yeah. I'm not picking Rodgers because this is a Packer player site. I'm picking him because he truly is the hotter guy with the hotter personality to go with it. Plus, he wears green and gold.

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